Freak accident: Aunt dies after making nephew bacon sandwich

A 52-year-old woman was strangled to death by her own pyjamas after they got stuck on the door of her oven while she made a bacon sandwich for her nephew.

Freak accident: Aunt dies after making nephew bacon sandwich
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An extremely unfortunate freak accident in which a woman strangled by her own pyjamas took place inBlackburn, Lancashire.

The women in question, Jackie Cottrill, 52, was found asphyxiated by her pyjamas on the oven door after making her nephew abacon sandwich. Very little is known as to how the freak accident occurred leaving the police department in charge of the investigation completely dumbfounded. Coroner James Adeley described the incident as 'extraordinarily back luck,' saying that:

It is very unusual that someone who was fit and well managed to suspend themselves accidentally from the oven door.What appears to have happened is that for some reason she has fallen and caught her pyjama top on the lower handle of the oven door.

And added:

I can’t explain how she ended up in this position it’s a very unusual case. In my 20 years of doing this I have never come across this happening.

Jackie Cottrill leaves behind her two daughters who remember their mother as a very much loved character in the Lancashire town. The mother-of-two worked at two local pubs where she was said to be a popular figure that everyone admired. Her daughter Sarah said:

She knew everything about everyone and was never shy with a bit of gossip.Her wonderful sense of humour endeared her to everyone she came into contact with and it is a great testament to her nature that she formed so many long-lasting relationships over the years.

And added:

There wasn’t a pub in Blackburn where she hadn’t pulled a pint; she even worked alongside her daughters in the Last Orders pub.Being as sociable as she was, she never saw this as work but as a chance to spend time with her friends and make new ones. Blackburn has lost a true character and the town, pubs and games nights will never be the same without her.