Everyone was left shocked after an unexpected guest walked into their wedding

One couple experienced various emotional and personal twists and turns while they planned their wedding, and when the big day finally arrived, they experienced a final twist—an uninvited wedding guest.

Samantha and her friends decided to attend a minor league baseball game one evening so that they could all have a chance to catch up and enjoy cheap beers. Yet, what was meant to be a casual night out turned into a magical love-at-first-sight extravaganza. During the match, Samantha noticed #12 and he noticed her, too.

Love and incurable disease

After the match, Taylor, #12, asked Samantha out on a date, and that’s when their love story began. However, while they fell more and more in love, Samantha’s mother’s health condition worsened. When Samantha was in grade six, her mother was diagnosed with MS, and during Samantha's engagement to Taylor, she found out that her mom had stage four cancer.

Samantha and Taylor were planning to have a destination wedding but the doctor said that it would be too much for her mother to handle, so Samantha chose to cancel the wedding.

She wanted to try and find a venue close to home, so her mom could attend, but the planning process was harder than she thought, especially with her mom’s recent stage four cancer diagnosis.

An unexpected guest

Eventually, Samantha and Taylor tied the knot but in an unconventional way—they even had a wedding crasher!

Find out what went down when Samantha and Taylor finally set a wedding date in the video above.

Bride's wedding day ruined by crasher with a shocking announcement Bride's wedding day ruined by crasher with a shocking announcement