Despite taking birth control this woman became a mum five times over

Whilst on the pill, this mother fell pregnant three times. The third and final time, she found out she was expecting triplets. Hannah Donoghue, 30 years old, became a mother of 5 children.

This is the type of story that makes us all want to take a pregnancy test ‘just in case’. Hannah Donoghue, 30 years old,fell pregnant three times while she was taking the contraceptive pill. The first time it happened, the young woman was only 18 years old and she wasn’t at all ready to start a family. During an interview with The Sun she claimed:

It certainly wasn’t planned and I was nowhere near ready to start a family.

History repeats itself

After the birth of her first child, Megan, the young mother decided to change her pill. Without success:

I went to the GP and switched my pill, then made sure I took it religiously at the same time every day. But just two months later, I felt a familiar twinge and realised my period was late – it couldn’t have happened again, surely? When I saw those two little blue lines in the window, I almost fainted. I had no idea how we’d cope and was dreading having to explain to people what had happened again when I was on the pill.

She got the implant but started having problems with it

And so, Hannahgave birth to her second daughter. As a precaution, this time she decided to change her method of contraception out of fear that it wasn’t working for her and she decided to have the implant. But again, it didn’t work. She stated:

But eight years later, I began having problems with it and went back on the pill.

But the story doesn’t end there and whilst enjoying her single life, Hannah spent the night with an old friend she had known years before.

And once again, the old shock returned:

Afterwards, my period arrived as normal – but two weeks later I woke up feeling something wet in my pyjama bottoms. I looked down and there was blood everywhere. I took myself to the hospital, where doctors examined me and said I could be pregnant.

Her friend met her at the hospital, and they found out that Hannah was expecting triplets. But the surprise didn’t stop there, and they found out these triplets were all non-identical.

The mother explained:

So not only had my body managed to fall pregnant while I was on the pill, it had managed to produce three separate eggs all at once – and they had all fertilised.

Although theyoung mother wasn’t expecting or prepared to have any more children, she decided to keep them nevertheless and decided to move in with the father so they could start their relationship back up again. Hannah gave birth to the triplets via a caesarean section in 2018 and today, they are all doing very well, and the family is very happy!

Check out the video above to see this extraordinary family for yourself!

Birth control: Woman suffers this unusual side effect after taking the pill Birth control: Woman suffers this unusual side effect after taking the pill