Couple Adopts 6-Year-Old Girl Who Is Actually A 22-Year-Old Sociopathic Dwarf

This story sounds like a bad remake of the horror movie "Orphan." This couple reportedly abandoned their adopted daughter after they found out that she was not in fact, who she said she was.

In the United States, the Barnett family is accusing their adopted daughter of lying about her age. But it’s not just a little lie, according to parents, she’s running a scam. This incredible story relayed by CNews is like a bad horror movie reboot.

Much older than she looks

The Sun tells the story of this American family from Indiana, who reportedly abandoned their adopted daughter Natalia and moved to Canada. Apparently, they abandoned her because Natalia threatened and attempted to kill them on several occasions. Indeed, the girl pushed her adoptive mother against an electric fence, poured bleach in her coffee, and tried to stab her father Michael in his sleep.

Even worse, according to CNews, the girl was not 6 when the family adopted her, but a 22-year-old dwarf. This was confirmed in court, and her legal age was changed. Natalia was actually born in Ukraine in 1989. Her biological parents are believed to have moved to the United States and left her in a home there.

Facing charges

In 2013, adoptive parents Kristen and Michael Barnett discovered her secret. According to Natalia's adoptive mother, “she had periods. She had adult teeth. She never grew a single inch, which would happen even with a child with dwarfism." Instead of reporting her and having her examined to confirm their suspicions, they decided to flee to Canada.

Before abandoning their adopted daughter, the Barnetts decided to falsify Natalia's legal age. Once she became an adult, they left her alone in an apartment. The case has been brought to court. She decided to sue her (now divorced) parents for abandonment and fraud.

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