Bizarre footage shows a little boy teleporting during a live BBC broadcast

A bizarre moment was caught where a little boy literally seems to 'plop' out of thin air bang in the middle of a BBC broadcast. Eerie as it is hilarious, viewers are left absolutely baffled...

A rather unusual clip of a live BBC broadcast has gone viral after viewers noticed a young boy 'teleporting' out of nowhere. In the footage, a woman was in the midst of an interview regarding plans to drive out the then UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, from leadership.

However, it seems the poor lady didn't get heard out as well as she might've hoped as viewers aimed their attention toward something a lot more bizarre than Theresa May running the country. Indeed, people started commenting on what was going on in the background as a little boy mysteriously 'appears' out of nowhere. Now, not that we aren't political, but teleporting children definitely win our vote for the 'whoa dude' factor.

Paranormal incident or a technical malfunction? As much as we love a spook, there's probably a completely logical explanation as to what caused the little boy to 'appear' out of thin air during the live broadcast. Of course, viewers took to social media to figure out what was going on. Whilst some jokingly guessed there to have been 'a glitch in the matrix', others offered a more rational explanation:

"It's an edit chopped on at the end to make her look like shes happy," one user commented.

Another agreed:

Yep. I've done similar, people disappearing in the background, or walking backwards. You get so focused on getting the main thing spot-on that you become blind to everything else, especially when you're on a clock. Should have just masked it off.

Alas, it seems we haven't gathered our first footage of an alternate reality, but rather perhaps the editing could have gone a little smoother...

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