They Thought They Had Lost Their Camera Forever But a Year Later It Resurfaced With Some Shocking Footage

When this family lost their GoPro camera whilst on holiday, they thought it was lost forever. They were gutted to lose their photos but eventually forgot about it. One year later, however, their camera showed up again...

Kyle Puelston
© Kyle Puelston
Kyle Puelston

Kyle Puelston and his family were out having a good time on a riverbank in Minnesota in the United States when he jumped from a rock and lost his GoPro camera that fell into the water. After 30 minutes of looking for it, they still couldn’t manage to get their hands on it.

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But a year later, Chris Flores and his brother came to the same place to make the most of the river. And the incredible thing is that Kyle Puelston’s camera resurfaced. Once they were back home, the two Flores brothers looked at the footage recorded on the memory card in the camera that had been lost to the water. On it, they saw videos of another family. This footage really touched Chris Flores because a year earlier, he had lost his baby following a cardiac arrest. He stated:

It’s all so fleeting, we’re not guaranteed tomorrow.

That’s why this man immediately got into contact with the family that the footage belonged to because, for him, family is the most important thing.

Check out the video above to see what they found on the camera...

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