Antivax: 24-year-old healthy pregnant mother is killed by COVID-19

A young mother lost her life to COVID-19 after having refused the vaccine while she was 29 weeks pregnant.

24-year-old Sadie, who was 29 weeks pregnant at the time, sadly passed away after first contracting the coronavirus back in November of this year.

The vaccine could have saved her life

In just a few weeks, her condition degenerated so rapidly that the young woman was left paralysed on one side of her body before being transferred into intensive care in Leeds. On December 3, the young mother was struck by a brain haemorrhage as a result of the deteriorating state of her health caused by COVID-19. Her father, David Exley, explains having been left in a state of utter panic after learning that his daughter had caught the virus. He said:

I got the news over the phone. It was just sheer panic. I drove straight to the hospital.I don’t know how to describe how I felt. I didn’t eat for days, I was just waiting to know if she was going to be better.

And added:

They tried to save her but it was apparent that we had lost Sadie. They saved baby Elliot but they couldn’t save our Sadie.

Back in October, Sadie had been diagnosed with a blood clot and though she was successfully treated for it, she refused to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, despite being considered at risk. Mr. Exley explained that:

I asked [the doctor] honestly, if she had the jab when she could have had it, and he said he couldn’t say 100 percent but he thought she’d still be here.

Survived by her two children

The baby she was carrying was delivered prematurely and is now stable and in good health. She leaves behind two children; two-year-old Harper and newborn Elliot. The grandfather of the children said:

Harper keeps asking us to ring mum so she hasn’t grasped what happened, and probably never will. Elliot will never know her.

And added:

But we will make sure he hears stories about her. Apart from actually meeting her, they’ll know everything about her.
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