Breastfeeding mother dies from COVID after delaying to get jabbed

An American woman from Utah has passed away after delaying to get jabbed so she could continue breasfeeding her newborn.

23-year-old Dezi Scopesi recently passed away from the coronavirus after fearing the injection might interfere with her ability to breastfeed her newborn child.

Concerns over the vaccine's effect on her breasfed baby

The young mother contracted the virus on 25 October before being hospitalised four days later following severe complications as a result of the resperitatory infection. Though she wasn't against the vaccine, according to the GoFundMe page set up for the grieving family:

She was planning on getting vaccinated but was breastfeeding and had concerns over the vaccine’s effect on her baby

Both her husband and her baby also contracted the virus but were able to fully recover without requiring serious medical attention. Scopesi's funeral services will be held later this week.

What are the vaccine recommendations for pregnant people?

In the US, the Centres for Disease Control and Preventen (CDC) has recommended the COVID-19 vaccine for all people who are pregnant, breastfeeding or those who are considering pregnancy. The CDC says that people who are pregnant or who have recently given birth are more likely to suffer severe complications than those who are not pregnant. The health agency explained:

People who are pregnant or recently pregnant are more likely to get severely ill with Covid-19 compared with people who are not pregnant. Getting a Covid-19 vaccine can help protect you from severe illness from Covid-19.

And added that:

Severe illness includes illness that requires hospitalisation, intensive care, need for a ventilator or special equipment to breathe, or illness that results in death. Additionally, people who have Covid-19 during pregnancy are at increased risk of preterm birth and stillbirth and might be at increased risk of other pregnancy complications.
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