Five children left orphaned after COVID kills both parents

One US family has been left completely devastated by COVID-19 after killing both the mother and father of a family of seven just weeks apart from each other.

A maths teacher from California passed away due to the coronavirus just two weeks after his wife was killed by the same disease—leaving behind their five children.

A family distraught

38-year-old Daniel Macias and his 37-year-old spouse, Davy Macias, have both died from the respiratory disease after having refused the vaccine in fear of not knowing the outcome of the jab.

Davy Macias, a delivery nurse, was pregnant when she contracted the disease after having visited a water park in Orange County. She died on 26 of August right after having given birth to her daughter while on a ventilator as she tried to recover from the virus. While she was giving birth, the father was also receiving treatment for severe symptoms so neither were able to ever meet or even name their newborn child. In an interview with a local newspaper, Davy's brother, Terri Serey, explained that:

She’s a registered nurse, and she was also a frontline worker from the very beginning until the very end, when she was admitted for Covid. The only reason I can think why my sister was unvaccinated was because she was unsure of the outcome of the vaccine.

While the last interaction he had with his brother-in-law involved Macias urging him to get jabbed if he hadn't already done so:

His last words before he was intubated were, ‘if you haven’t got the shot, go do so, because you don’t want to be like me.’

Help from the community

A GoFundMe page has since been set up to support the orphaned siblings and more than $200,000 have been raised from the help of members of the public. Terri and wife Vong Serey have said that three truckloads of donations, including clothes and food for the children have been received:

I cannot thank everyone enough for their support, kind words, donations of food, clothes and baby supplies, as well as monetary donations.
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