COVID-19: Two teens from same school die just a week apart

A tragedy occurred at a school in Newcastle-under-Lyme after two schoolboys were killed by COVID just a week apart from each other.

The two boys, 15 and 16, were struck by the virus but were unable to recover and ultimately passed away just six days between one another.

Did the two school boys know each other?

Mohammed Habib, a year 10 schoolboy, contracted the virus and suffered a stroke on 24 of October. A North Staffordshire Coroner's Court spokesman explained:

The coroner was provided with a cause of death which he was satisfied was natural and further investigations were not required. The cause of death was: 1a Cerebral oedema; 1b Stroke; 2: Covid-19.

Just six days later, the same fate was waiting for 15-year-old Harry towers. It is unclear whether the two boys had any contact with each other at St John Fisher Catholic College. So far, investigations have led authorities to believe that the cases were coincidental. Neither of the two boys were known to have nay underlying medical conditions to justify having been so gravely affected by the virus.

Both were unvaccinated

However, it has been confirmed that neither of them were vaccinated against COVID-19. Tragically, the school was set to offer the jab to their pupils scheduled just a few weeks after their untimely deaths.

To commemorate the two lost lives, the school held a virtual assembly with senior staff having prepared a tribute for the two boys. Acting headteacher Garrett Murray, in a statement, expressed his sorrow for the tragedy:

We went above and beyond what was expected with our Covid restrictions. My rational head tells me that we did everything we could and it was a tragedy in both situations, but with my irrational head, I beat myself up every day.
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