A Woman Caught a Couple Having Sex in a Bush and Humiliated Them in Front of Everyone

These days, shocking videos posted on the Internet go viral in no time. The last one we saw was filmed in Russia, where a woman spotted a couple hiding in a bush.

Every day, videos from all around the world go viral, and usually, those that hail from Russia are on a whole other level!

Take the viral one-minute video uploaded on YouTube account Bests Posts. It's proof that Russian women don't play around!

What happened, you ask? Well, a woman, who's known as 'Lady Irina' in the Russian town of Stavropol, spotted a couple in a bush near her.

And she didn't hesitate to interrupt what they were doing! The pair, who were having sex in broad daylight, didn't see it coming, but Lady Irina went off!

Armed with just a stick or what looks like a plank of wood, the woman surprised them with it and pounced on them. She even went as far as spanking the couple for being bad.

In the video, you can hear the local recording the video laughing as he watches the woman proudly walk away from the scene after punishing the couple. Also, according to the Diario Información, all the shouting attracted a crowd, who saw the woman attack the couple.

A couple was fined for having sex some place illegal A couple was fined for having sex some place illegal