20 Years Ago They Promised They Would Get Married, Today They Are Surprising Everyone

When they were in kindergarten, Laura and Matt promised themselves that, as adults, they would get married. 20 years later, the couple has kept their promise and are living proof that your soulmate is waiting for you somewhere...

Laura Scheel and Matt Grodsky met in kindergarten in Phoenix, Arizona. Accomplices from an early age, the two children remained awake during their daily nap and spent a lot of time playing together.

In an Instagram post published on the American account 'The Way We Met', Matt revealed how his love affair with Laura first began. In front of his class, Matt had confessed his feelings for Laura.

In primary school, Matt and Laura were unfortunately separated. After losing sight of each other for several years, they finally found themselves together again in high school.

Laura had accidentally discovered Matt's name on a friend's cell phone but was rather indecisive about seeing her former playmate again. The young woman said: "I was hesitant to go out with him, but he sent me a message and we got along well."

Two weeks after their reunion, Laura and Matt became a couple. They managed to overcome the distance during their university years and are still in love today.

In May 2015, Matt honoured his promise by asking Laura for her hand in marriage. The young man proposed near their old kindergarten. The couple got married in December 2016 and are living happily together today.

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