How Mixing Glue And Charcoal Could Be Dangerous For Your Skin

It’s the latest DIY beauty trend on social media, this black mask is made of charcoal and glue and is meant to remove blackheads. But there’s a catch, according to the dermatologist Nina Roos this mask can be extremely dangerous to your skin.

How Mixing Glue And Charcoal Could Be Dangerous

If you’re a beauty addict you don’t have to look far to see this DIY trend that has been sweeping the net. Youtubers have been smearing this strange black mixture on their faces in an attempt to remove blackheads. The mixture is made of activated charcoal and glue. It's a peel off mask that seems to work wonders in test videos. However, Nina Roos who wrote the book 'Perfect Skin', states that the glue in the mask is highly toxic to the skin.

1. The dangers of glue to the epidermis: Is it really a wise idea to apply glue to your face? The ingredients found in glue are full of chemicals and many Youtubers using this mask haven't fully considered the dangers. However on social media there are numerous “fail” videos that show the catastrophic result of this mixture. For example, red patches, allergic reactions, and swelling. Just seeing the grimaces and cries of the ladies in pain when they’re trying to take off the mask is enough to put you off!

2. Protecting the epidermis when disaster strikes: According to Nina Roos inhaling glue is very bad for our health. Using glue in a peeling mask in the long run will progressively strip and damage the skin’s protective barrier. This results in the epidermis being unable to stop microbes and allergens from entering the skin and it becomes more difficult for water to evaporate.

3. Benefits of activated charcoal: The goal of this unique mask isn’t a totally bad idea. The activated charcoal can be beneficial in many ways and is already used in many cosmetic products. It’s a great natural component that is used to treat combination skin, oily skin and can even help mild acne. It works wonders providing that you don’t mix it with industrial glue. Instead try mixing it with honey!

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