Wedding mishap forced princess Beatrice to recycle queen's dress

Commentator Marlene Koenig believes there was a reason why Princess Beatrice wore a recycled dress that belonged to the Queen as her wedding gown.

It seems as though there was a very good reason why the eldest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York opted for a recycled preowned dress as her wedding gown. Although fashion enthusiasts and the public alike had a rather positive reaction to her wedding dress, some believe the decision to recycle the Queen's dress was imposed onto her.

Theory according to a British royalty expert

Commentator Marlene Koenig theorizes that wearing a vintage dress for her wedding to the English property developer, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, was, in fact, the result of a major mishap in light of COVID19:

It's just a thought but her real wedding gown was not finished and got stuck at the designers because of Covid she could no longer work on it. That's why her grandmother gave her this lovely gown and they were able to refashion it.

Koenig, and internationally recognized expert on British and European royalty, believes her theory to be accurate based on the fact that:

She didn't even wear a new pair of shoes which is unlikely for anyone. It was probably nearly done but the designer couldn't do anything more, couldn't finish it whereas within the bubble they could rework this gown."

The original dress might, one day, make an appearance

However, Koenig also believes that this doesn't mean that the dress will never see the light of day. She speculates that, perhaps, when things go back to normal and the designer can properly work on the gown we might see the Princess wearing it one day:

at some point, and this is just a prediction, that her gown will be finished and it will be seen at a party to celebrate the wedding.
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