This Is The Adorable Gift Kate Middleton Got Prince William For His Birthday

On Friday 21st June this year, Prince William celebrated his 37th birthday! And for the occasion, Kate Middleton gave him a very special gift…

For Prince William’s 37th birthday on Friday 21st June 2019, the Royal Family’s official Instagram account @KensingtonPalace shared with their fans a lovely photo of the Duke of Cambridge to thank them for their birthday wishes.

The photo showed Prince William in his home, surrounded by his family while celebrating this event. And Kate Middleton decided to give him quite a special gift. In fact, as the magazine Closer and The Sun reported, what Kate and their three children prepared was very cute indeed.

Prince William received an album containing family photos, but also paintings and collages that had been made for him by George, Charlotte and Louis.

‘Kate and the children have been compiling a large album of the children’s paintings, drawings and collages and prints,’ explains the magazine.

‘They reflect what they have been doing over the past year. […]. The sweet album also includes photos of the children and is themed on ‘Den They Were Three’, a play on words which alludes to the arrival of Prince Louis last year.’

‘You could say it’s a reminder to William about what is really important. It’s been put together with a great deal of care,’ declared a source to the media. Adorable, don’t you think?

Take a look at the video above for more from our favourite royals!

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