The Queen to leave Buckingham palace for good?
The Queen to leave Buckingham palace for good?
The Queen to leave Buckingham palace for good?
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The Queen to leave Buckingham palace for good?

By David STEIN

Elizabeth II is less and less present at Buckingham Palace. Is she ready to leave the official residence?

9 April 2021 was one of the worst days in Queen Elizabeth II's life. Grieving since the death of her husband Prince Philip at the age of 99, the Queen of England has not lost her determination, even after 69 years of rule.

Elizabeth II returns to Windsor Castle

Since her husband's funeral on 17 April 2021, Elizabeth II has not made a public appearance. However, on Tuesday 27 April, 10 days later, the Queen of the United Kingdom made her comeback in a virtual meeting.

A moment with the ambassadors of Latvia and Côte d'Ivoire from Windsor Castle, one of the residences of the British Royal Family. It is the largest inhabited castle in the world and the oldest occupied palace in Europe. It is in its chapel that Prince Philip was buried.

While the Queen is usually present at Buckingham Palace, a change may be in order. In a recent letter, Queen Elizabeth II implied that she 'has never liked Buckingham Palace.' This revelation should really get conversations going!

So if the Queen decides to remain away from her official residence, what could happen?

Bye bye Buckingham ?

A royal family expert, Andrew Morton, spoke of the possible transformation of Buckingham Palace on the Queen's death in the book Elizabeth and Margaret.

Buckingham should be transformed into a cultural centre with a museum, concert and ballrooms and a garden that can host sound and light shows and picnics.

Furthermore, according to the same source, the British monarchs should not be able to give up this iconic place to the people. Indeed, members of the royal family will be able to continue to meet on the famous Buckingham balconyon special occasions, such as the Queen's birthday.

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