The Queen showed her competitive side as she was seen cheering on Jockeys

The Queen exhibited her competitive side yesterday at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, as she cheered on jockeys.

After the March 29 – Prince Phillips memorial service, this was her Majesty’s first public appearance. She raised cheers of delight as she sat, throwing her arms in the air and cheering the jockeys.

Cheer on

Despite her chronic health issues, the Queen seemed back on form at the Royal Windsor Horse Show on Friday, putting on an enthusiastic display. This comes after three days after she had to miss the State Opening of Parliament earlier this week on Tuesday. The absence from the event was backed by the advice of royal doctors and the duty was delegated to the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge. While her mobility was visibly limited, she was in high spirits as she took a trophy after her horse was declared supreme champion.

The 96-year-old monarch looked the happiest as she drove from Windsor Castle to the world-famous horse show on the grounds of the estate. The show started in 1943 and her Majesty hasn’t missed a single show since the beginning. In fact, she has several horses competing in different classes. The head of state sat in her Range Rover, looking relaxed and enthusiastic, watching competitors in the parade ring while chatting with officials and members of staff through the open passenger window.

Health concerns

Her latest missed public engagements had raised concerns about Her Majesty’s health; however, she not only went to see the horse show, but she also made a secret trip to see her own horses. She missed the first day of the event yesterday but did visit her horses last week. 14 of her animals are taking part in the coming days. She appeared relaxed, smiling and laughing as she chatted with officials of the show and it did not look like she was unwell.

However, she made it to the event with her walking stick and enjoyed it. This comes after earlier this year an insider from the Palace confirmed that the monarch’s presence is not guaranteed anywhere. The insider claimed:

The assumption must now be that the Queen will not be present at events. If Her Majesty does attend, it will be decided on the day and she will be accompanied by another member of the Royal Family.

Ever since her one day visit to the hospital in October 2021, her health has been delicate and proper precautions are being taken to keep her up and running.

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