The Queen is devastated by the death of yet another confidante

Just a few days after Christmas, Elizabeth II learned of the death of Lady Farnham, the Queen's lady-in-waiting and a dear friend.

Queen Elizabeth II has had a rough start to 2022. While she was surely hoping to turn the page on a year marked by bereavement—first the death of her husband Prince Philip last April and then the passing of her 'most faithful friend' only a few weeks ago—Her Majesty is once again affected by the loss of a loved one.

Death of Elizabeth II's confidante

According to the Daily Mail on Sunday 2 January, Lady Farnham, one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting since 1987, passed away a few days after Christmasat the age of 90. Wife of Baron Barry Maxwell (who died in 2001), Lady Farnham was at the Queen's side for important events such as her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

But above all, she had become very close to Elizabeth over the years. A royal source told The Telegraph:

It's very sad for the Queen. Everyone loved Lady Farnham, she was always in a great mood. She was also a very smart and distinguished woman. To console herself, Prince Charles' mother will be able to count on the support of the 1,000 other people who, like Lady Farnham, work daily in Her Majesty's service.

Elizabeth II does not hide her emotions

This is a new ordeal for Elizabeth II, who was already very upset by the death of her beloved Prince Philip a few months ago.

In her Christmas greetings, the Queen did not fail to mention the father of her children. It read:

Since the death of my late husband Philip, I have taken great comfort from the expressions of affection that have been shown to me. His sense of service, his intellectual curiosity and his ability to find reasons to be happy in all situations were irrepressible. His mischievous look was present until the end of his life.

The Queen missed her late Prince and said:

Christmas can be difficult for those who have lost loved ones. This year, I particularly understand why. I miss him.
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