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The Queen Has Seven Very Particular Eating Habits - And Some Of Them Will Surprise You

The Queen has very specific eating habits, some due to simple preference and some because she's obligated to abide by certain rules.

Queen Elizabeth II is never allowed to eat garlic or onions. As she has to attend a lot of meetings, performances and interviews, she wants to keep her breath smelling fresh. The chef at Buckingham Palace is therefore not allowed to use foods that have too strong a smell in her meals. And what’s more, the Queen only eats seasonal fruit and vegetables.

She only likes her meat cooked medium rare. Her eggs, that she eats scrambled every morning for breakfast, have to be from eggs with brown shells. According to her Majesty, eggs with brown shells taste better! She doesn’t eat starch (so no pasta or potatoes) and limits her bread consumption. She does enjoy sliced bread but she has the crusts cut off. After the crusts of her tuna, mayonnaise, cucumber and fine herb sandwiches are removed, they are then thrown outside to feed the birds.

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Finally, the Queen of England has to drink cups of tea. The Queen has a particular fondness for Earl Grey (of course) with a splash of milk (obviously) but never sugar.

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