Royal Family: This is why Prince George will never become king

An expert on all things Royal Family has revealed why she thinks Prince George will never have the chance of becoming King.

Novelist Hilary Mantel discussed with The Times her vision of what's to come for the British monarchy, including why she thinks Prince George will never be crowned king.

Why Prince George will never be king

Although technically speaking, Prince George would be third in line as heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II who is the sovereign, Mantel believes this scenario has very little chances of happening.

But who is exactly is Hilary Mantel? A controversial figure in the UK, she is the person who famously described Kate Middleton as an 'articulated plastic doll.' The author has been accused of hating England and being against Brexit after expressing her desire to become an Irish citizen.

The royal expert, who has written a number of books on all things Royal Family, believes that there is only two generations to the British Monarchy before it collapses for good. So, despite the order of succession and unless Prince Charles and Prince William pass away unexpectedly, Prince George will never have the opportunity to be king. The 69-year-old novelist said during her interview that:

It's very difficult to understand the reasoning behind the monarchy in the modern world, when people are just seen as celebrities.

Prince George already prepped for king

Despite the claims of Hilary Mantel, which only the future will confirm, Prince George is already prepared for his destiny as king. In the book Battle of Brothers, royal expert Robert Lacey recounted how Prince William and Kate Middleton broached the subject of his coronation 'at a controlled moment of their choosing.' This is a discussion that likely occurred around the time of his 7th birthday.

However, only time will truly tell as to what will happen with the Monarchy and if whether little Prince George will one day become future king.

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