Royal Family: This is why Prince Edward has stopped riding at Windsor

The Earl of Wessex and her daughter, Lady Louise, have not been spotted at the Windsor Great Park riding horses for the past few months. This is why.

For at least four months, the Earl of Wessex has not been spotted riding a horse in Windsor Great Park. This leads to many conjectures, one being that members of the Royal Family want to separate themselves from Prince Andrew,who rides there virtually every day.

Regular equestrian

Prince Edward is a regular visitor to the park, where he keeps a number of horses. However, he has stayed away since his older brother Prince Andrew is accused of sex assault in the United States.

A source close to the Wessex said that Prince Edward had ceased riding due to 'the Andrew problem' and added:

Edward doesn’t think it is wise to be seen anywhere near Andrew at the moment and he certainly has nothing he wants to say to him about the case.

Lady Louise, Edward's 18-year-old daughter,is a brilliant equestrian who inherited her grandfather Prince Philip's custom-made carriage. She has also been seen 'only very occasionally' instead of weekly classes and regular excursions with her father.

Another source revealed:

Barely a weekend went by in the past few years when you didn’t see Edward and Lady Louise out riding, but not anymore. You ask around and Edward hasn’t been seen here for at least four months.

Ranger of Windsor

Edward, 57, a Bagshot Park resident, keeps his horses at the Windsor stables.For nearly 70 years, his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, held the title of ‘Ranger of Windsor Great Park.

The Park Ranger's job is to direct the park's direction and operations. The most recent ranger, Prince Philip, worked to make it more accessible to the public and more sustainable to ensure that it is preserved for future generations.

The title of the 'Range Rover' is said to pass down to Prince Edward. However, it cannot be said for certain, as ‘a decision has not yet been made’ regarding the one who takes charge after Prince Philip.

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