Queen Elizabeth: This is how she is celebrating her 96th birthday

Today is Queen Elizabeth’s 96th birthday. She celebrated by sharing a new portrait, and a Barbie doll released in her honour.

The Queen celebrates her 96th birthday today, sharing a portrait honouring her late husband, Prince Philip, and her lifelong love of horses.

Birthday portrait

The portrait of the monarch, captured last month by renowned photographer Henry Dallal, was released by The Royal Windsor Horse Show. The Queen is a patron and keen spectator of the upcoming annual sporting event, which takes place in May or June each year.

In the portrait, Her Majesty stands between two of her white fell ponies—named Bybeck Katie and Bybeck Nightingale—on the grounds of Windsor Castle. She holds the reins of her ponies and wears a deep moss green coat, known as 'Edinburgh green.'

The colour choice pays tribute to the Queen's late husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. It was the colour of Prince Philip's livery and used in many official capacities relating to his position. The Queen wore the same colour for Prince Philip's recent memorial service, as did other members of the royal family.

Barbie doll

Toy maker Mattel has also released a Barbie in the Queen’s likeness on the day of her birthday. Mattel said on Thursday it was commemorating the monarch's Platinum Jubilee and 70 years on the throne with a Tribute Collection Barbie doll. The collection pays tribute to 'visionary individuals with an outstanding impact and legacy.'

The doll is dressed in an ivory gown with blue ribbon, adorned with miniature medallions and ribbons. It features details drawn from the monarch's past. Mattel says the tiara is a recreation of the one worn by the Queen on her wedding day, and the pink and blue ribbons are modelled after those given to her by her father George VI and grandfather George V.

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