Queen Elizabeth II drinks a fair amount of alcohol on a daily basis

You'll never guess how much alcohol Queen Elizabeth II consumes on a daily basis!

At 94 years old, Elizabeth II is still with us, with the crown firmly on her head. She is in top form despite her advanced age, and we all wonder what the Queen's secret is to being in such good shape. Here's a little habit of hers that might surprise you!

Alcohol, an elixir of youth?

The Queen of England is said to enjoy drinking alcohol, according to Business Insider magazine, on a daily basis! The Queen is said to consume alcoholic beverages regularly, at various times of the day.

Before lunch, she has a glass of gin with Dubonnet, vermouth, lemon, and ice. She doesn’t say no to a small glass of wine during lunch either, and then she ends her day with a Martini and a glass of champagne. A winning combo to finish off the day strong!

To this must be added the cocktails she drinks with her guests at receptions and social events. In total, she could drink up to 42 units of alcohol per week, which is quite the score!

A family tradition

And Elizabeth II is not the only one who enjoys a drink from time to time. The Queen's mother was also a great lover of gin. She drank even more alcohol than her daughter and lived to be 101.

However, this habit was less successful for Princess Margaret, who was known for her eccentricities and alcohol problems. She died at the age of 72 following a stroke.

Does alcohol prolong life? Although it seems to work for the royal family, remember that alcohol should always be consumed in moderation!

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