Princess Diana's Secret Relationship With A Famous Singer Has Been Revealed

Did Lady Diana and singer Bryan Adams have a secret relationship? According to his former butler, they did!

Old rumors are resurfacing in Britain. More than 20 years ago, English tabloids suspected there was something going on between Lady Diana and singer Bryan Adams. Apparently, they had a secret relationship.

They were very close

Bryan Adams has always been close to Princess Diana, in fact, he knew her son Harry very well, and even wrote her a song and was present at her funeral in 1997. So, at the time, rumor had it that, after separating from Prince Charles, Princess Diana got into a relationship with the singer. An Australian TV show, "I'm a celebrity ... get me out there," gave viewers answers to some of their questions. Indeed, Diana's former butler did was a participant of the show and opened up to another candidate, Lisa Oldfield, about it.

Grounds for separation

Lisa Oldfield repeated what was said in their conversations: “Yeah, Diana and Bryan Adams hooked up in the mid-'90s. Apparently, Paul used to sneak him into Kensington Palace in the boot of his car,” she revealed to KIIS FM radio. Following her statement, the Daily Mail tried to reach the spokesman for Bryan Adams, but was unsuccessful. According to rumors, Lady Di was in a relationship with the Canadian singer in 1996, which was confirmed by his ex-wife in 2003. She then revealed that his infidelity was one of the reasons behind their breakup.

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