Prince William and Kate: The Cambridges broke this Royal Easter tradition

Being part of the Royal Family means you have rules and traditions to follow no matter what. Well, it seems that the Cambridges don’t always follow this one tradition.

Every Easter, the Royal Family attend a church service in St George’s Chapel at Windsor. It is similar to the Christmas Service, in the sense that most members of the family attend. There is a tradition for the Easter service that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge didn’t follow one time.

Easter service

The Easter service tradition is that all members of the Royal Family should arrive before the Queen does and wait for her outside the chapel. Once she arrives, Her Majesty will lead her family into the church for the service.

In 2018, Prince William and Kate failed to arrive before the Queen. In fact, they were so late that they arrived after the service had begun. There is a valid reason why the pair were late to the service, which didn’t seem to bother the Queen too much.

Stuck in traffic

It is believed that the Cambridges were caught up in traffic on the M4 on their way to Windsor for the Easter service. They had spent the days before with Kate’s parents with their two children Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Kate was pregnant with Prince Louis at the time.

Prince William and Kate at the Easter service 2018 Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty

The family arrived after the church service had begun, so they had to slip in discreetly. The Queen seemed to not mind as she was pictured smiling after the service with the Cambridges.

Won’t happen again

There’s a high chance that the Cambridges won’t ever be late to the Easter service in years to come as they plan on moving closer to the Queen. Indeed the Royal couple has been browsing homes in Windsor in order to spend more time with Her Majesty.

They haven’t chosen their new home yet, but they have also been looking at new schools for their three children.

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