Prince Charles banishes Prince Andrew from Windsor Castle

Prince Charles begs embattled Prince Andrew to stay out of sight as he banishes his brother from Windsor Castle.

Prince Charles has urged his embattled brother Prince Andrew to keep out of sight and effectively kicked him out of Windsor Castle. When Charles becomes the king, the duke and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson may be thrown out of Royal Lodge and the town itself. According to insiders close to the Prince of Wales, since Prince Andrew was ordered to stand trial in the United States, he and his wife Camilla have been at odds.

Unhappy big brother

Prince Charles believes that his brother lied to him three years ago that the case involving his friend Jeffrey Epstein and sex-trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre would be settled. Andrew hasn't been seen since the Queen summoned him to the castle last month to formally dismiss him from the Firm. A royal source confirmed:

Charles wants Andrew out of the line of sight and out of the picture. He has been warned to keep his head down. Charles does not want Andrew to be photographed every other day looking happy and waving as he is driven to the castle.
Eventually Andrew will be made to leave Windsor and could get several million pounds from the Royal Family. But he has made it clear that he will hang on for dear life.

If they were forced to fend for themselves, sources do not rule out Prince Andrew remarrying Fergie. The pair divorced in 1996, but have been living together at Royal Lodge since 2008.

Royal disgrace

Following the death of Prince Philip in April and the Queen's health concern in October, Prince Charles has become a more powerful voice in politics. When Ms Giuffre filed a sexual abuse petition in a New York court last summer, he was believed to be frightened. Following a discussion with his son Prince William over the holidays, Prince Charles determined that Prince Andrew would have to relinquish his royal duties, and the Queen agreed.

Prince Andrew's deposition in the Giuffre case is scheduled on March 10. In the autumn, he might go to court as a private individual or settle out of court. However, with the ongoing Giuffre case, many more allegations and reports on his characters have come across from being a sex pest to entitled demands as per a former palace maid. Hence, the possibility of relocating Prince Andrew and Fergie to Fort Belvedere is not too inconceivable. Palace aides further refute rumours that Prince Andrew, the Queen's favourite, has been requested to watch after her as she approaches her 96th birthday in April.

Prince Andrew is being made invisible by the royal family Prince Andrew is being made invisible by the royal family