Netflix to release unprecedented Princess Diana documentary

Netflix plans to release a documentary. Previously unreleased audio recordings made by Lady Diana will be revealed, a new blow for Prince Charles.

These revelations could haunt Prince Charles. The current heir to the throne and the Duchess of Cornwall are about to be in the firing line again. Following the breakout success of the series The Crown, which retold the life of Princess Diana within the royal family, the film-makers are planning another project that promises to beeven more damaging to certain members of the British crown, as revealed by the Daily Mail.

Secret histories

The Netflix platform is planning to release a new documentary with incriminating revelations from unreleased audio recordings made by Princess Diana. American filmmaker Tom Jennings says he still has seven hours of recordings available. These were made by the Princess of Hearts for use by her biographer, Andrew Morton, when writing the book Diana: Her True Story in 1992. According to Tom Jennings, 'there are about 140 stories that Diana talks about over the course of seven hours.' Brutal stories revealing the behind-the-scenes of her life such as how she attempted to miscarry by throwing herself down the stairs while pregnant with Prince William.

Fiction close to reality?

When the series The Crown was released, in which Prince Charles was not cast in a favourable light, the people close to the royal family were up in arms. The latest episodes showed the complex relationship between Prince Charles and Lady Diana, thus damaging the reputation of the Duke of Cornwall and Camilla Parker-Bowles even further. The documentary Diana: A Mysterious Icon featured on Netflix's social media channels added to the damage. It remains to be seen how the royal family will receive the next documentary.

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