Lady Diana Used to Sneak Out to Gay Bars With Freddie Mercury

Actress Cleo Rocos revealed a great anecdote about Lady Diana and her outings to gay bars with Freddie Mercury.

When Queen's lead singer Freddie Mercury met a real princess, it was a match made in heaven. Lady Diana is said to have gone out regularly with the iconic singer, often for drinks at a gay bar.

This week, the Mirror reported on an anecdote shared by actress Cleo Rocos a few years ago. In 2013, the artist published The Power of Positive Drinking. While this book doesn't seem to have much to do with Lady Diana, you'd be surprised! Cleo Rocos recounts stories related to drinking, revealing that the Princess of Wales liked to share a few drinks with her friend Freddie Mercury.

In the book, the actress told a story of one time when Lady Diana was dressed up by Freddie Mercury, Cleo Rocos, and their friends so that they could take her to a gay bar without people noticing who she was. For the Princess of Wales, this was merely an outing with friends, but it was a real headache for her security service.

Freddie Mercury and his friends tried to camouflage Lady Diana's royal allure by having her put on an army jacket, glasses and a big black hat (not a very inspired disguise, we know). Cleo Rocos explained that they actually tried to pass her off as a male model:

Looking at it her in the dim light, we decided that one of the most famous icons of the modern world could very well pass for an eccentric gay model.

Cleo Rocos then explained that the trick worked wonders. No one in the bar suspected she was actually the Princess of Wales.

One thing is for sure: we would love to see a photo of this epic night out!

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