Kanye West Has His Eye On Meghan and Harry…

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are now in Kanye West's sights. The latter wants to invite them to his famous Sunday Service sessions.

Kanye West Has His Eye On Meghan and Harry…
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Kanye West Has His Eye On Meghan and Harry…

Kanye West's Sunday masses are already known to many people, but what better press could there be than the arrival of ex-royal couple Meghan and Harry, to propel these Sunday Services to the forefront?

After Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt, it is now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that Kim Kardashian's husband has his eye on. Kanye West has great ambitions for his gospel concerts, which are not to be missed. A source close to the father of North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm explained to Radar Online:

‘This would be a huge breakthrough for Kanye, he wants his Sunday service to be the most powerful and spiritual force for years’

That explains why he has set his sights on Archie's parents:

‘He already has Brad Pitt on his VIP list, but having Meghan and Harry would take it to a whole new level.’

Meghan and Harry, everybody wants them

But Kanye West isn't the only one who wanted to get in touch with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! Since the couple left England and most of their royal duties, they moved to Canada, moving closer to Meghan’s world of Hollywood. Jennifer Anniston was one of the first to make herself available to meet, and perhaps collaborate with Meghan Markle, as an anonymous source explained to Radar Online:

‘Jen has a lot of admiration for Meghan and loved her in Suits... She's open to a possible collaboration now that Meghan's back in the entertainment business’

However, no meeting has been organised for the moment. The Duke and Duchess were also invited by the prestigious Academy Awards to present the award for Best Film of the year, but the couple refused this proposal and did not walk the Hollywood red carpet.

All there is to do now is watch the Kardashian's on Sundays to see if Kanye West was able to convince the couple... More to follow.