Buckingham Palace Gardens Will Be Open for Business This Summer
Buckingham Palace Gardens Will Be Open for Business This Summer
Buckingham Palace Gardens Will Be Open for Business This Summer
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Buckingham Palace gardens will be open for business this summer

By Caroline Chettri

This summer, explore the gardens of Buckingham Palace for just £16.50.

It looks and feels like the UK is finally on their way to beating the pandemic because even the Queen has opened up her private gardens to the British public.

What to expect

From 9 July, visitors will have unprecedented access to the expansive 39-acre royal garden, the largest private garden in the city.

Not only has this garden played host to a plethoraoflavish events, it is a natural sanctuary that is home to many plants and animals. There are around 325 wild-plant species, more than 1000 trees—a few of which were planted by Queen Victoria, and over 30 different species of breeding birds.

Though there will be guided tours available, visitors who wish to roam around the grounds freely are encouraged to do so. According to the Royal Collection Trust, people will be allowed to set up picnics, and there will be food stalls located in several parts of the garden for everyone to enjoy. The Royal Collection Trust has called this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. They stated:

Explore Buckingham Palace Garden with unique access this summer, and discover for yourself its sights before enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to picnic with views of the Palace.

Opening up Buckingham Palace

It has been several months sincethe Buckingham Palace last saw any visitors, but thanks to the success of the vaccination program, the Palace is ready to get the tours going.

They’re starting off with their Spring garden tours that will give visitors the chance to see the gardens brimming with blossoming flowers. These tours are set to start on 17 April, and the tickets are currently available for £21.50.

Finally, the Buckingham Palace State Room tours will also be commencing from 21 May, and this tour will take you through some of the most magnificent rooms of the palace for £47.50.

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