Your Biggest Fear Says A Lot About Your Personality
Your Biggest Fear Says A Lot About Your Personality
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Your Biggest Fear Says A Lot About Your Personality

Do you have fears that can’t be explained? Actually they could be more closely linked to your personality than you ever thought…

Fear of the dark

People who are scared of darkness are happy, positive and have a great imagination!

What scares you is the feeling of not knowing exactly where you are. You’re probably an anxious person when it comes to your personal and professional future. You’re also probably afraid of death or unpredictable situations where you may be vulnerable.

Your fear of the dark can also be explained by your hyperactive imagination. This also explains why so many kids are scared of the night and need a light on to be reassured. Your imagination can make you think of the craziest situations! Your challenge is to take control of your brain and think of positive things.

Fear of public speaking

You’re an introvert and don’t let on anything to other people. You like being alone with your thoughts and daydreaming in your own little world. You don’t necessarily have many friends, but you do have solid and genuine friendships.

To sum up, you’re a sensitive, honest and humble person. You work for the common good and don’t always reap the reward, as you like to keep a low profile.

Fear of snakes

You’re someone who really values the people around you. You’re a devoted and loving friend who is willing to sacrifice everything to help a loved one.

Your phobia of snakes means you fear seeing your loved ones in danger. These animals can potentially be dangerous and put others in danger, we are easily vulnerable to being bitten or unexpected attacks.

Fear of spiders

You’re a strong person and a true leader deep down. Many people have this fear too! Nearly 32% of women and 18% of men are also scared of spiders.

Spiders are often associated with dirt and are known to sometimes be venomous. This phobia can reflect a fear of being an ordinary or common being who lacks originality. You’re ready to do anything to save your skin and that of other people.

Fear of clowns

You’re someone who hates lies, lack of honesty and stupid things. You are a sincere person and love those who are also sincere.

This fear isn’t necessarily something that only affects kids - nearly one in ten adults are afraid of clowns. According to Carlin Flora, writer for Psychology Today,it’s because reading facial expressions has long been a key to survival, our inability to discern a clown's expressions (and true intentions) underneath the accoutrements raises automatic suspicions”

Fear of heights

You’re a complex person who is a real paradox. On one hand, you love to discover new things and new people but, on the other hand, you are afraid of the unknown.

Your phobia is only a reaction to this. You rush towards the edge, ready to jump, but are held back by your fear of the unknown.

People sometimes struggle to figure you out, just because of this complexity.

Fear of being alone

You’re an extroverted, open and very sociable person! You’re a party person who likes to be surrounded by loads of friends. Your fear of being alone reflects the fear of being abandoned by everyone.

You may lack confidence in yourself, but this is because you doing feel like you're truly living unless you're around other people.

Fear of germs

You’re a manic person, or even a ‘control freak’! You feel stressed out as soon as there’s even a little mess around you and you suffer from anxiety.

You experience what is called ‘disgust sensitivity’. You’re anxious if something is messy and are therefore a huge perfectionist who constantly tries to outdo themselves. In the office, you are really popular, but you need to remember to relax from time to time.

Fear of blood

You’re a calm and thoughtful person. Thanks to your wise and balanced temperament, you’re a reassuring and very ‘Zen’ person.

Your fear of blood is actually the fear of a deeper wound, something that would mess with your peace of mind. When you see blood, your body picks up on the pain and makes you think something is wrong.

Fear of crowds

This isn’t claustrophobia as you’re not afraid of walls, but people. You’re a fairly sociable person but you need your space. You don’t like conflict, but you do like spending time alone.

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This fear of confinement by others reflects your need for freedom, independence and wide-open spaces. You don’t like to be confined and you have your own little world which other people find hard to access.

Check out the video above for more on what your biggest fears say about you!

By Johanna Garner
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