What men look for in women?

What do men really want? Let’s find out the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions.

Men are just as much a mystery for women as women are for men. Or maybe even more. What men look for in women is an age-old question that has been troublesome. Finding and committing to 'the one' is rated as a crucial decision in a man’s life and, so they put a lot of thought into who they invest their time and efforts in.

While there are men who want casual relationships, there are also emotionally stable and quality men who still want long-lasting relationships. It is not easy to find out what exactly guys desire in a woman but, there are certain traits that every man looks for in their partner.


One of the most attractive qualities that men find in women is her ability to make decisions. If a woman knows what she wants, does not waste time in confusion and eliminates situations that do not fit into her life model, she is a jackpot.

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Clear communication

Men are not mind-readers, ladies! They want their partners to communicate their feelings clearly. They like women who can be concise in their speaking and be straightforward.

Not needy

Independence is sexy! Men like women who do not need them but desire them. No guy likes an excessively clingy woman. Men tend to go after women who are self-sufficient and independent, rather than someone who behaves like a needy teenager.


Men adore women who are supportive and encouraging of their dreams or ambitions. No one likes a person who fights or challenges their every decision. Life is full of hardships and the last thing you want is a partner who adds to it instead of being your relief.

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There is nothing more attractive and sexier than a confident and secure woman. Men like women who are confident in their own skin as they have done their inner work. A confident woman does not wait for a person to complete her life and thus, is not needy.


No matter how much a guy portrays, they are not overly emotional; they love a woman who is loving and caring. Men like being babied and it provides them with a sort of comfort. No man likes a woman who is unable to show affection. It doesn’t have to be through words, it could be through gestures as well.

Drama free

A woman who doesn’t engage herself in drama and is away from bullshit is like a dream come true for men. They already get enough drama from Netflix and sports, they don’t need it from women.

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