This little piece of advice could save your relationship forever

Sometimes calming down, coming to compromises or even just communicating can be enough to save a lot of relationships. Here is one simple little trick that could save you from ending up alone.

We’re not going to lie, even the best romantic relationships can have their hard times. Going through a tough time is completely normal. It ultimately just comes down to how the couple handles difficult times and whether or not they let these little bumps in the road get blown out of proportion. It's important to understand the problem and try to keep it from happening again.

Create intimate ‘micro-moments’ with your partner

A psychologist who is an expert in relationships believes in this simple and cute little trick to save a couple. Belinda William suggests little intimate ‘micro-moments.’

At the very start of arelationship, couples can easily and simply share intimate time together by holding hands, hugging and kissing. But all this could stop when couples start raising kids together.

Belinda Williams suggests making time for intimate 'micro-moments' like this together, even if just for five minutes. She said this simple technique is about taking the smallest opportunities to signal to the other person your love and care.

It may be ensuring a proper greeting and farewell, a quick cuddle as you pass in the hallway, holding hands as you fall asleep, saying I love you face to face, an expression of gratitude, a small gift like their favourite bread or tea.

These little things can be more beneficial for your relationship thanbig romantic gestures because opportunities to do them arrive more often which means you can show your love daily which is very reassuring for the other person.

Check out the video for more examples of how you can put this advice into action!

This Little Trick Could Be The Key To Saving Your Relationship This Little Trick Could Be The Key To Saving Your Relationship