These Are The Five Golden Rules To Follow To Find Your Soulmate

These Are The Five Golden Rules To Follow To Find Your Soulmate

We all dream of finding our soul mate, the person who is made for us…But it’s far from easy. Here are the five golden rules to help you finally find 'the one'.

1.    Let go of clichés

Prince Charming, bouquets of roses… forget them. Keep your head on your shoulders; learn to see new opportunities when they present themselves to you at the start of your relationship.

Enjoy the uniqueness of your relationship and the freshness that it brings.

2.    Have confidence in yourself

There’s nothing more seductive than charisma.

Although of course, it’s not easy to be self-confident without it turning into arrogance – it’s all a question of finding a balance.

3.    Take care of your appearance

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The image that you present of yourself is important: it’s the first impression you’re giving, but don’t neglect your personality. You also have to put that first.

Be curious, ask them questions about their hobbies and pick up on the subjects that take your interest.

4.    Have an idea of what you’re looking for

To avoid wasting your time and that of your potential suitor, focus on what you really want.

Is it a serious relationship? A one-night stand? An open relationship? Be clear to avoid misunderstandings.

5.    Don’t be afraid of being yourself

He or she must accept you as you are, otherwise you will simply have nothing to do together.

But that doesn’t mean you should hand over a list of all your faults straightaway either…

Jessie Morgan
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