The new sex position that will make you forget all about the 69

Is your libido running low? Is your relationship and intimacy stuck in a routine? Looking for more intense experiences? Try the 68, a trendy new sex position!

The new sex position that will make you forget all about the 69
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The 68: a new sex position that maximises pleasure

The 68 works a bit like the 69, one on top, one underneath, except... in this position, only one of the two partners benefits from the other's sexual know-how and can reach orgasm. Here's how it’s done.

The man should first lie on his back. Then his partner accompanies him and lies down on her back, with her intimate parts at the level of his head to better reach his mouth. Her legs are spread, a bit like the 69, except that the woman looks at the ceiling instead of the floor. The man should then make good use of his tongue.

Tenfold the pleasure

With the 68, the man has his hands free and can take advantage of this to caress his partner's entire body, increasing her pleasure. The lady can also caress herself as she pleases, for a tenfold effect, thus promoting orgasm!

The reverse is, of course possible with the man on top, but care must be taken so as not to crush his partner with all his weight. But fortunately, the 68 is not considered a risky position. So will you be trying it out tonight?

Looking for more inspiration to spice things up in the bedroom? Check out the video above for more fun sex positions to try out with your partner! You'll thank us later...