Hinge users are said to be looking for love more since COVID pandemic

Dating apps have been seeing a shift in the way they are being used by those looking for company since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

If there's one positive thing that has come out of 2020 it's that we have come to truly appreciate quality time with other human beings. More specifically, romantic relationships have seen an unprecedented upsurge in interest in an age where many of us have become jaded with the idea of finding 'the one.'

Romance over hook ups

Dating apps – notoriously known for being a breeding ground for awkward first dates, disappointing hook ups and that one match you endlessly talk to but know all-too-well there is zero chance you'll ever actually meet in person– have seen a shift in the way people are using them.

Data acquired from Hinge looking into users' dating habits, thoughts and feelings show that 53% of people using the app are now ready for a long-term, serious relationship. Since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, the yearn for establishing meaningful romantic relationships has sky rocketed according to Logan Ury, director of relationship science at Hinge.

One in tree users reported having experienced a sense of urgency in finding a new long-lasting partnerwith 59% saying they had become more open-minded about who they choose to date. Ury explains that:

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen daters become more intentional. They used their additional free time at home to think more about who they are, what they’re looking for in a relationship, and what behaviours they want to change.

The silver lining to come out of the pandemic

Users of the app have also shown to be more mindful of the way they go about building relationships. Not only are they looking to get something out of it but they are also more sensitive of the other person's wants and needs. The pandemic has led many into what seems like a never-ending existential spiral that has, as a result, made us more aware of what we are truly seeking for in the other. Logan explains that:

Dating can be stressful. Will I ever find someone? When will I meet my person? Those anxious feelings are exacerbated during stressful and uncertain times. One in three Hinge users report that the pandemic has led to them to overthink the little details.

But amidst the uncertainty, Logan also believes that this will help us in the long run to become even more aware of our desires and how to achieve them when thinking about what we are truly looking for in a relationship.

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