Couples who meet here are more likely to get divorced

A couple can go through major crises over the years and a break-up can become inevitable. Find out where you should meet to avoid romantic failures.

The first few months in a relationship are always the best, that's why it's called the honeymoon period. You get to know each other, you go out, and you are very complimentary. We all love that phase, don't we?

Unfortunately, sometimes this does not last and people end up bickering about the small things in a relationship. Research says this can happen, especially when you meet your partner in the wrong place.

What causes the divorce?

Finding true love is not always easy and usually requires a lot of patience. While some people like to leave things to chance, others prefer to use dating sites to find their partner. Tinder, Happn, Bumble, there are many such sites to find the perfect match.

However, according to a recent study by the British Marriage Foundation, people who meet on these sites are more likely to get divorced than others.Even though they don't know each other, users of dating sites get together very quickly and can have unpleasant surprises.

According to the survey, people who are in a relationship, thanks to dating sites, are six times more likely to divorce after three years of marriage. Then, after 10 more years of marriage, they are about 20% more likely to divorce.

Harry Benson, research director, explained:

This suggests that in the early years of marriage, couples who meet in this way may lack sufficient social capital around them to cope with all the challenges they face.

When did you meet your partner?

So, where do you meet your partner to find true love and have a long, happy relationship?

According to the same study, the divorce rate among people who met through family or friends is 14%. This is a little lower than for people who get together via websites.

The most stable couples would be people who met during their studies, with a divorce rate of 12% after 10 years of marriage. They would also have only an 8% chance of separating after three years of marriage. These people have generally had time to get to know each other and grow before they get married and decide to live together.

What about couples formed through work? According to the British Marriage Foundation, 8% of people who met at work get divorced after three years of marriage. Unfortunately, 23% of them get divorced after 10 years of marriage. It is difficult to explain this significant increase in divorce among these people.

Ideally, if you spend time getting to know your partner and take an informed decision to stay together, then it will last a century!

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