Couple Drop Ring Down The Drain During Nightmare Proposal In NYC

Couple Drop Ring Down The Drain During Nightmare Proposal In NYC

Following disaster incident, police were looking for the couple - but not for the reason that you might think...

Brits John Drennan, 36, and his partner Daniella Anthony, 34 from Camridgeshire, were on a romantic getaway in New York City when John decided to propose to her. All was going wonderfully until the couple dropped the ring through the ring through the subway grate, before John frantically jumped down flat to look for it as his concerned new fiancé watched on. 

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It seems that all was lost and the newly-engaged couple were forced to leave without their bonding ring. However, fortunately the entire ordeal was caught on CCTV which allowed members of the New York police to find, retrieve and clean up the ring. The police department shared the video online, as they turned to the public to help them find the unfortunate couple and return their engagement ring back to them.

In a heartwarming turn of events, the NYPD managed to find the English couple - and it wasn't long before the couple were reunited with the ring, thanks to the incredibly thoughtful officers who took the time to find the precious gem. The story couldn't have ended on a happier note, noted by the officers with a snap of the happy couple, celebratory drinks in hand - with the ring on Daniella's finger - as they humorously captioned it, “Thank you, Twitter. Case closed! Love John, Daniella and the NYPD.”

Faith in humanity: restored! 



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