Are you guilty of ‘Gatsbying’ to get your crush's attention?

Have you ever tried to get someone’s attention through social media by posting a selfie that shows you're having fun? If the answer is yes then you're guilty of ‘Gatsbying’.

This strange term simply refers to a flirting technique that we have all used at least once before.

Matilda Dods wrote an article on this subject for Tomboy. In it, she explains that ‘Gatsbying’ refers to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character who organises parties to try, amongst other things, to be noticed by the woman he loves.

This might remind of you something, right? Remember when you took your phone to some amazing party and took a photo, hoping that a certain someone would see it on Facebook or Twitter? You’re totally Gatsbying!

Matilda Dogs imagined up this term by thinking back to when she was trying to get someone’s attention by taking a selfie at a party before posting it on the internet, and unfortunately without success. She explained:

I bet Gatsby felt like that when he was organising parties just for Daisy to come over and fall in love with him.

No doubt many of us have been guilty of Gatsbying ourselves.

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