This Bride-To-Be Did The Most Incredible Thing For Her Groom Who Suddenly Passed Away
This Bride-To-Be Did The Most Incredible Thing For Her Groom Who Suddenly Passed Away
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This Bride-To-Be Did The Most Incredible Thing For Her Groom Who Suddenly Passed Away

Volunteer firefighter, Kendall Murphy tragically passed away as a result of a road accident, but his bride-to-be Jessica Padgett decided to keep their big day exactly as it was: here is the story of a bride's final photos with her groom.

Kendall Murphy and Jessica Padgett both grew up in the US state of Indiana, but they finally met in college and eventually started their life together. They were both supporters of American football and so, heartwarmingly, Kendall eventually proposed to Jessica during a solo tour at the Notre Dame stadium, getting down on one knee on the vast football pitch at the stadium. Their special day was set to 29th September of this year.

A terrible accident...

In November 2017, Kendall was called to attend to a scene of an accident as part of his volunteering service, where he was hit by a drunk driver and shortly passed away.

As devastated as Jessica was to lose her love and best friend, the idea to keep their wedding plans came to her shortly after she received a call being told that her bridal gown was ready. The photographer that the couple had both chosen was invited to their wedding by Jessica's mother-in-law and shot their special day in loving memory of Kendall.

The 25-year-old bride gathered those closest to herself and Kendall to celebrate their special day. Even Kendall's colleagues from the fire department he was volunteering at took the time and care to share their special day, taking their position in the church hall, even in Kendall's absence.

Whilst Jessica was overwhelmed by her emotions and the loss that she felt without the love of her life, she felt that the wedding was an important part of healing amongst the grief that her and the rest of her loved ones felt. The wedding album testifies for the incredible strength and resilience of a brave young woman dealing with the loss of a lifetime.

A moving story...

Mandi Knepp, Jessica's wedding photographer posted the photos she gathered on her page, Loving Life Photography, where the album quickly went viral. Jessica's decision to walk down the aisle was met with similar grieving stories from brave women just like Jessica herself.

Jessica's tragic yet beautiful story was gathered in a series of memorable images, captioned: it's hard when you miss someone. But, you know, if you miss them you were BLESSED. It means you had someone special in your life, someone worth missing."

Source: ABC News

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