4 tell-tale signs you're in a toxic relationship, according to a breakup coach

Did you know that arguing is a good sign in a relationship? Let the breakup coach Sara Woodward point out a few tell-tale signs of a toxic relationship.

Renowned breakup coach Sarah Woodward shares her tips to identify a toxic relationship that needs immediate termination. Follow these four signs to assess if you need to break your relationship.

1. Constant financial abuse

Abuse can be of various forms. Few of them are: physical, social and financial.

Sarah explains:

One in five women in England have experienced financial abuse in either their current or past relationship. Red flags include a partner questioning everything you spend and going through receipts and bank statements.
Or being forced to take out debt in your name that you have no means of repaying while your partner spends money freely on themselves. If you are experiencing abuse of any type, it is a clear indication the relationship must end.

2. No arguments whatsoever

Experts state that an argument can be a sign of a healthy relationship. It means a couple is ready to state what they want, in order for the relationship to function more efficiently. But if you never argue, it could mean quite the opposite.

Sarah explains:

Couples nearing the end of the road can find themselves barely speaking to each other, let alone arguing. Arguing can enable you to build trust and intimacy and allows you to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your partner.
For a relationship to thrive, conflict should be resolved in a way which improves a connection in the relationship but if it turns into a blame game and becomes more about pointing fingers, it’s a red flag.

3. Never say what you want

It can be a sign of passive aggression. It could mean it's time to leave.

The coach adds:

While you had plenty in common at the start, you now find your hopes and plans have changed and are no longer aligned, meaning the person you fell in love with feels like a stranger.
Do you find yourself walking on eggshells or not expressing your opinions to keep the peace? Over time, this can cause resentment until the only way to resolve matters is to leave the relationship.

4. Seek friend's advice first

The breakup coach explains:

Maybe your partner used to be your rock — the one you’d always go to for advice, to share those important moments with or your latest mishap with — but now it’s your friends you call or text first.
You may find you’ve stopped arranging things together such as hobbies you used to share, socialising as a couple and generally participating in each other’s lives.
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