Tiktok user shares dog's hilarious reaction to her saying his favourite words (Watch)

One TikTok user hilariously filmed herself having a conversation with her dog. His reaction to hearing his favourite words are priceless!

One TikTok user @bellaabree has shared with the world her dog's hilarious reactions to hearing his favourite words being slipped into conversation.

The girl Bowling Green in Ohio, US starts off the video by showing her dog, Finn, lying at the foot of her bed while she tries to strike up a casual conversation with the pooch. But sneakily, she slips his favourite words into the chat to spark a reaction from Finn. Bella says:

So today, I was on the walkies with grandma. Off to grandma's house, she's like 'you should come over for din-dins.

Clearly the words walkies really set the dog off as Finn gives off a very excited expression. When the pooch hears the word din-dins he tilts his head with a rather confused look before giving up and turning away. Then Bella continues:

And I was like 'ugh, I don't know. I think I already have din-dins planned out'.

Once again, Finn perks up and starts paying attention to his 22-year-old owner. Bella kept on going:

I'm not sure. Should we go for din-dins later? And maybe walkies?

The last sentence was just too much for the pup and he jumps up and runs towards Bella in agreement. The TikTok user later confessed that her dog's favourite words were din-dins, walkies and grandma's house. How cute!

The video has been seen over 4.4 million times and people everywhere have been trying the cheeky trick with their own dogs. One person commented:

Why didn't my dog do the same? Your dog is too adorable.

another chimed in:

This dog is the best! Oh, look at his face!

Let's hope that Finn was rewarded for his good work with din-dins and walkies!

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