This puppy and cheetah grew up together and their relationship will melt your heart

Will their adorable relationship be able to beat the odds? Just wait until you see video of what they're like nowadays!

Can cats and dogs really be friends? This is a long-standing debate that has lots of supporters on both sides. And although there are lots of examples and stories suggesting that these two animals are just natural-born enemies, there are also lots of videos proving the contrary.

An unlikely friendship

But experts have since found that when raised in the together, these two animals can bond for life. Take these two cuties, for example. Do you remember Ruuxa and Raina? The puppy and cheetah cub who met at San Diego Safari Park and instantly became best friends?

As a domestic dog, Raina was already comfortable around people and was consequently a very sociable animal. This made it particularly easy for trainers at the Safari Parkto introduce her to her little cheetah friend. And long story short, two years on and this adorable, unexpected relationship is still going strong! So cute!

Many more stories like this one

But this isn't the only unexpected friendship we've encountered. There is an incredible number of unlikely animal friendships like this that will make you see nature in a completely different way.Like this dog and elephant, for example, who spend their time together happily splashing about in the water. Orthis dog and fawn who are so cute that they will instantly melt your heart!

Check the video above to see what our favourite group of animal pals looks like after growing up! What a beautiful story.

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