He gave his dog a peculiar haircut and the internet went mad

The photo of this husky spread like wildfire on social media...

Originally posted on Twitter, this photo has provoked both amusement and outrage. Although, we have to admit the picture made us smile when we first saw it, there is a serious message behind the image.

Utility of a dog's fur

Like many other dogs, huskies' undercoats are essential for keeping them both warm in winter, and cool in the summertime. Shaving an animal's fur off can expose them to dangerous sunburn. Not only that, but the undercoat also protects the skin from cuts and scratches.

A dog's coat consists of two layers, the top layer which is composed of stiff guard hairs, that protect from water and dirt, and a softer down hair underneath, which is a kind of insulation.

Variations in fur

Some dogs only have the top coat, with no undercoat. The terms fur and hair are often used interchangeably, but the double coat is usually called a fur coat, while the single one is called a hair coat.

Shedding on dogs can also occur continuously, or seasonally. Seasonal shedding occurs in the spring and fall, with those with thick coats being heavier shedders.

If you're worried about keeping your furry friend cool during the summer heat, then it's a better to give him or her a regular spritz of water. You need to let his fur do its natural and protective function, so leave it alone!

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