This kitten had the most hilarious reaction to discovering his litter box

This kitten is learning how to use the litter box and his reaction is pure joy.

If you've visited this site in the past, you should be well aware that we are huge fans of ourfurry friends. Whether its cute kittens, funny dogs, or adorable pigs, we have a long history of sharing videos with you that tend to brighten our days.

This video is no exception! This baby feline is introduced to its litter box and its reaction is hilarious. If you've never owned a cat, you may think it takes a lot of time and effort to train a cat to use their litter box, the truth, however, is that it's geared towards the cat's instincts!

Cats are naturally inclined to cover their waste. Lone feral cats would do so in order to hide their scent and protect themselves from bigger predators. A group of feral cats may do so in order to allow one feline to maintain dominance, this 'alpha' would be the only one to leaves its waste uncovered.

For a house cat to learn to use a litter box, it actually takes little to no prompting. Provided they know where the box is located, and that it's in a roomy yet private location, they will naturally gravitate towards the box in order to do their business.

You may want to show them a few times where it is if they are a kitten, at times such as after a nap or following a meal. Times they are more likely to 'go', but that's usually all it will take.

Check out the video to see this kitten's reaction to finding out the pleasures of the litterbox, it is sure to put you in a good mood!

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