This Hyundai Dealership in Brazil Employs the Cutest Canine Car Salesman

This former street dog is now making his living greeting customers in a Brazilian Hyundai showroom. And has been made an honorary salesman. He is also a very good boy!

Lots of people have the idea that car salesmen are sleazy, greedy individuals who only care about one thing... getting you in a car and off their lot as soon as possible. However, this idea could not be further from the truth, especially when it comes to one Brazilian Hyundai showroom employee, who'll take all the attention and time you have!

Tucson Prime as he's been affectionately named is a former street dog who was adopted by the Prime Hyundai showroom in Serra, Brazil. They recently shared his story on their Instagram and it went viral. After they made Tucson his own account, it blew up and he's amassed over 60,000 followers in just one month.

Tuscon's story was even shared by Hyundai Brazil's Instagram page in which the post stated:

Meet @tucson_prime a 'salesman' at the dealership @PrimeHyundai (Serra). The new member is about a year old and was welcomed by the #Hyundai family and has already conquered colleagues and customers with his story

The young pup has been working hard to make his living, attending team meeting and greeting customers. Though we're sure he's happy with his rewards. Plenty of treats, a warm place to stay and all the love he can get!

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