This Dog Had Been Left Behind In the California Fires, Where They Found Her Left Them Speechless

The terrible fires in California forced many families to leave home and trust firefighters with everything. Unfortunately, not only belongings were left behind in the rush to get away, but often people's beloved pets...

Many families had to leave their homes, belongings, and even their animals behind in the devastating fires in California - including Andrea Gaylord from Paradise, who couldn't find her beloved dogs Madison and Miguel at the time of their escape. But in the end, the 75-year-old still experienced an unexpected surprise,the Buntereported.

Rushed to escape due to danger to her life

Because the fires spread so rapidly, Andrea Gaylord had to flee quickly - she neither had time to collect her belongings nor to find her four-legged friends, Madison and Miguel. When she left the house, she feared that she may never see her beloved pets again. Before she could return to her completely destroyed house, Andrea asks animal rights activist Shayla Sullivan tosearch for her two beloved dogs. Miguel was actually found relatively quickly. However, there was still no sign of Madison.

Loyal dog stands guard in front of a completely burnt house

Finally, Andrea was eventually allowed to return to her completely burned house, but there was nothing leftover other than rubble and ashes. The sight was painful, but a greater surprise suddenly followed: "The third day I was looking for Madison, I didn't know if my mind was playing a trick on me, but I thought I saw something white down in the ditch." And, as Andrea approached, Madison came out of her hiding place and greeted her owner, overjoyed.

Animal rights activist Sullivan summarized the story as follows:

"I am so happy to announce that Andrea was able to return to her property and found Madison there; she stayed there to guard the burned house and always believed in her family, that they hadn't given up. Fighting to survive the firestorms... It must have been a long month for him."
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