Popular Pet Names For 2017

Take a look at the most popular pet names and tell us if your pet's name made it on the list!

Popular Pet Names For 2017
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Popular Pet Names For 2017

The Details

Choosing the right name for your four-legged friend is no easy task. AnimalFriends.co.uk recently carried out a study to find out what the most popular names for pets in the UK are. The name the most people gave to their pets this year was... Bella!

The top 20 takes into account both cat and dog names but when you break it down by species you get some quite different results. Popular cat names that didn't make the top 20 overall include Jasper, Simba, Smudge and Willow whilst for dogs Barney and Dexter were frequent choices.

Although they didn't make the list, the study also found that there was a big rise in people naming their pets after David Bowie and Prince following their sad deaths last year. Westley Pearson, Claims & Marketing Director at AnimalFriends.co.uk said, ‘It’s interesting to see that Alfie has been knocked off the top spot in our annual pet names list for the first time in three years. Popular culture is having a huge effect on the names we choose for our furry friends, which gives a good indication of how important film and music is to UK pet owners'.