One woman dyed her dog pink for a surprising reason

If we can dye our hair, why can't our pets? This is the slightly strange idea that occurred to this American woman. As you can imagine, her dog did not appreciate her bright idea so much.

One woman dyed her dog pink for a surprising reason
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Your computer isn't acting up, thisGreat Dane's furis a mixture of purple and pink. Jessica Williams, a 21-year-old woman living in the state of Kentucky, realized that her petcould scare people she crossed on the street due to its impressive size. So, she came up with an interesting idea to make it appear more harmless. Her solution?Dye it pink, of course.

The method might rile up animaladvocates, but it helped achieved the expected result. Passersby are now more curious and do not get scared, they approach thedogwithout fear.

We can imagine that what intrigues them more is to know how such an animal can exist. Jessica assured those most concerned that the dye is not harmful to her dog's health.

Internet users' reaction was immediate. Some were worried about the state of the dog's health and others thought it was totally ridiculous.

Check out the video above to see this gentle giant's unusual look for yourself!