He risked his life to save a dog drowning in freezing water

A courageous rescue mission unlike any other. This policeman didn’t hesitate for a second when he saw this helpless creature suffering in the water.

Dogs are always underestimating the danger of ice when they run into the water. And often, they can only be saved by spectacular interventions. These interventions don’t always work though and can end up putting the rescuer in danger instead. Despite the ice and the cold, a police officer charged into the water to save a four-legged creature.

At the last minute

Completely undermined and motionless, a puppy laid on an ice floe in a lake in the East of Turkey. By coincidence, it was discovered by rescue workers! One of the policemen decided to save the dog on his own accord, as was reported by ABC news, so he got into a wetsuit and swam 150 meters into the icy waters to reach the slab of ice.

Was the rescue mission too late?

When he got to the dog, he was still and didn’t have a pulse, but when they brought it back to shore, were able to revive the pup and take him to an animal clinic. And he pulled through! Today, the dog is doing well thanks to the heroic rescue workers! An amazing intervention by the brave police.

Check out the video above for more on this incredible story...

This heroic dog saves the life of his elderly owner who was drowning This heroic dog saves the life of his elderly owner who was drowning